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Paul Golden from the National Endowment for Financial Education joins me to talk about millennial parenting. Try to plan as much as you can before making the decision to become a parent - both emotionally and financially. If you are already a parent, work with your partner or your financial professional to get a hold of your finances - not only for your future, but the future of your children as well.

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Home ownership, no matter how old you are and when you achieve it, is a huge decision to make. You don’t want to base decisions solely on emotions but also measure them against your goals and other dreams.

Millennial Homeowner, Lauren Bowling, purchased a home with the expectation that her and her then-boyfriend would live in it after they got married. She put a nice downpayment on the purchase and began a $68,000 renovation three months before their breakup.

While her situation didn’t turn out so bad - she nets about $400 a month in renting it out to tenants - Lauren realizes some mistakes were made and wrote a book about it. Find more information at

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I recently met Amber in person. When she mentioned her job of driving a city bus - I just had to have her on the show.

Amber shares the ups and downs of a millennial trying to find work she likes.

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Student Loan Debt is causing many millennials to delay their dreams of marriage. My guest, Chonce Maddox, married the man she loves despite her debt struggles - and did it all within her $10,000 wedding budget.


For more, visit

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Today I kick off my Millennial Money Week with Kelly Lannon from Fidelity.

Education is key: There are numerous resources for you to get informed about money and investing - whether it is from sites like or blogs or podcasts. Whatever source appeals to you, dig into it and begin the process of getting education about money ASAP. Thank you to Kelly Lannan, Director from the Women and Young Investors Group at Fidelity Investments.

Visit for more Millennial Money Week episodes

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Consider your relationship with a financial planner as a long-term relationship. Take your time to find the right planner to guarantee your long term success. Visit for more information about working with a financial planner

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Tempted by multi-level marketing? Brian couldn’t believe a friend tried to sell him a bottle of juice for $45. He began looking into it, only to discover unusual sales techniques used by direct sales companies to get people into multi-level marketing opportunities. Over the past few years, he has written over 30 reviews of such companies, some no longer exist, and exposes the real methods behind the business. The first Financial Gym location has opened in New York City at 226 5th Avenue, 5th Floor. Find out more by visiting

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My girls get together for some SoCal-tinis at FInCon, San Diego.

It's a "Would you rather" session recorded live in front of hundreds of financial bloggers, podcasters, and video creators. It's a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it.

You can find more Happy Hours, as well as my amazing guest interviews, on my website


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Talaat and Tai McNeely know what it’s like to have communication problems about money. Today they share their story and tips for how to open the doors of communication and come together with your money as a couple.

Visit for more information.

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Lauren went from spending $40,000 on credit cards to being debt free.

Along the way she came to the realization that she was addicted to spending.

Listen as Lauren reveals her past and how she used it to fuel her passion for paying off debt and sharing those lessons with others.


For more information, or to get a copy of Lauren's new book, The Recovering Spender, visit

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