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Talaat and Tai McNeely know what it’s like to have communication problems about money. Today they share their story and tips for how to open the doors of communication and come together with your money as a couple.

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Lauren went from spending $40,000 on credit cards to being debt free.

Along the way she came to the realization that she was addicted to spending.

Listen as Lauren reveals her past and how she used it to fuel her passion for paying off debt and sharing those lessons with others.


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Do you know your F.I. number? Brandon from explains how you can calculate the amount of money you need to have before taking the leap away from the 9-5.

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Melanie had a TON of student loan debt and couldn't find a job in her field to pay it off. Then she discovered "side hustles" and learned things she's never get from a college course. Today she shares the inspiration behind her blog,, which is the basis for her recently released book: Dear Debt: A Story About Breaking Up With Debt. To purchase a copy from Amazon, go to

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While their lifestyles are often fabulous, the LGBT community is not immune to financial problems. David and John, aka The Debt Free Guys, racked up over $50,000 in credit card debt and had nothing to show for it. Once they came together on a plan, they paid off all the debt and now live a debt free, money conscious lifestyle.

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You are worth more than you think, but women in general underestimate the value they bring in their profession.

Melanie, Tonya, and Mrs. Frugalwoods join me to share stories of failure, wins, and how we can confidently ask for just and fair compensation.

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Shannon sits down with her Happy Hour crew of Melanie from, Tonya from Budget and the Beach, and Mrs. Frugalwoods from to continue the talk about being frugal vs being cheap.

They will prove that they are willing to leave no topic untested, including using composting toilets, not owning furniture, going commando, and even the idea of donating a testicle.

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The rules for managing money for a single person are same in concept, but not necessarily in the execution. As a young or old independent adult, there are stark differences in how to control spending and invest for the future than a married couple.

Jess Garbarino from Every Single Dollar shares her story of getting out of debt and gives us 5 tips for managing finances as a single woman.

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Becky is a physical fitness trainer with some great ideas for getting fit - financially as well as physically.

She shares ideas for purchasing multi-functional and affordable equipment, how to avoid indulging too much, and answers 3 random questions.

BONUS: I also share a new service called Debitize that will pay your credit cards for you while sticking to your budget.

Find more about Becky Fox or Debitize by visiting

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How do you find a financially harmonious partner? My girlfriends Melanie, Tonya and Mrs. Frugalwoods join me in this very personal discussion - including a very hard and personal announcement I need to share with you.

If you found this episode helpful, please share it with a friend or your own partner. It is my hope that others will be helped from hearing this message. You can find more resources at

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