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New York Times bestselling author, Dr Daniel Crosby, joins me to discuss the problems we have as human beings to leave our investments well enough alone!

Investor behavior is the #1 reason portfolios don't grow - and that's because we let our emotions drive our decisions rather than tried-and-true financial planning principles.

Dr. Daniel Crosby has been studying investor behavior for years and offers sound solutions to help us follow the laws of wealth based on the 10 Commandments of Investor Behavior written in his book, The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the secret to investing success.

For a link to get his book on Amazon, visit

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If you are like me, you would pay anything to not have to do taxes yourself.

Eric Nisall, an accountant and founder of AccountLancer, explains how you don’t always have to pay for a service when you can do it yourself.

If you do pay for a service, he gives tips on how to make sure you are getting your money’s worth – especially where your income taxes are concerned.

A complete checklist of things discussed today can be found in the show notes at

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My girlfriends come back to review the goals we set for 2106, share our failures and successes, and make new goals for 2017.

You can listen to last year’s review and forecast here, and stay subscribed so you don’t miss all the fun this year.

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Until this conversation, I really had NO clue about Bitcoin - but Ashe Whitener helped me understand what it is, where it came from, and who it’s really for.

I can’t explain it here, so you’ll just have to listen for yourself.

You can also find more information in the show notes at

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I remember how scary it was when starting my business. It was a big leap and I was afraid of failing.

Kathlyn Hart - a motivational speaker, coach and host of the Big Leap Show - joins me to talk about this.

A leap of any size can be a scary thing. Practice leaping in smaller ways so you can get more comfortable when a bigger leap may present itself to you. The worst thing that can happen is you fail. Focus on how good it will feel when you soar after that leap.

Find Kathlyn’s information in the show notes

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Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO and co-founder of Policy Genius, joins me in a conversation about Health Care: What you need to know about using the Exchanges, how hard you should hold on to your family doctor, and the benefits that may be available to you.

To shop the exchanges with Policy Genius, visit

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Starting a business is more than just a great idea. You don’t want your amazing idea to never see the light of day just because you failed on the execution of it.

Take every step to ensure your idea will find its appropriate market.

Sylvia Inks wrote the book on small business finance for the busy entrepreneur, and joins me in a conversation about what to do - and to avoid - when starting a small business.

You can find links to Sylvia’s website and book in the show notes at

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The holidays have different meanings for everyone, as you will hear in this show, and they evolve over time. However, they almost always bring together people who love and enjoy each other.

Melanie, Tonya and Mrs. Frugalwoods join me again for a drink and a chat about holiday traditions, celebrating with family (or not), and can you possibly go without the stuffing?

What are you thankful for? Send an email to or tweet to me @Blonde_Finance

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Melissa Sotudeh, CFP, is the mother of a college grad and a Vanderbilt freshman.

She knows what it takes to prepare for college - both as the person paying and as the parent raising students to be ready for college. 

Melissa wrote a book called, “Find Your Financial Safety School”, which you can download for free from

It will help you select a school that is more appropriate for your student, the true cost of a college education, and how to lower those costs.


For a quick link or other notes about this episode, visit the show notes at

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Okeoma Moronu was close to ending a successful budding law career because of a lack of joy she found in her day to day work.

Despite the fact that she needed the paycheck to support her family and pay down her student loans; she nearly threw it all away because of the absence of happiness.

Okeoma shares how she learned to find joy in her work as an attorney and how she now helps other attorneys who were just like her.

Find show notes and more Martinis and Your Money episodes at

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