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The last Friday of the month I host a Happy Hour where I gather great friends to drink cheap drinks with me and talk about money topics.

Today we’re talking about the most precious commodity we all have: Time. The ladies joined me for some drinks to share their thoughts on time and how they manage it best.

I think my biggest takeaway is to think about time as you think about your money. It’s precious and we need to manage it accordingly because it’s not infinite.

Come visit the Financial Gym. We are online at but also located at 226 5th Avenue in New York City

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Eva Baker is a 20-year old who started a business as a project when she was a teen. Her blog,, has grown into a powerful resource for teens who want to learn about personal finances and also about running a small business. In June 2017, Eva will host the second TeenPreneur Conference, a place for young people to learn about starting, building or running their own small business.
After talking with Eva over Mocktails, my biggest take-away was to not let age determine our goals in life. Young or old, we are all on unique journeys. When inspiration hits us, we need to pursue it with passion - no matter what stage of our lives we are in.

You can find more about Eva and her conference on my website,


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Brian Brandow thought making the minimum payments on their credit cards was doing good with money. Then he woke up when they couldn't go on summer vacation because all the cards were maxed out.

After 4 years, they paid it off - all of it!

The celebrated by taking that vacation - but with cash!

Brian blogs on the website and now works with their local Board of Education committees on financial literacy for students.

Find all the sites and resources mentioned in this episode at


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My son, Will, is smart and precocious and picks up on just about everything going on in this house, including my podcast.

Despite the fact that he knows that I do this, I was actually a little surprised that he showed great interest in recording one with me. We drink chocolate milk and just get goofy.

However, Will does give some great advice for parents on how to raise financially responsible kids and he also gave great advice for kids on how to manage their money well.

This episode first appeared on December 19, 2014 at


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This is Mrs. Frugalwoods first appearance on the show. Her husband, Mr. Frugalwoods share their desire to achieve financial freedom by the age of 33.

I had a lot of great takeaways from this chat, but my favorite quote from Mrs. Frugalwoods to describe the two of them was, “We are frugal weirdos and proud!”

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This is Melanie Lockhert’s first appearance on Martinis and Your Money.

Melanie has been able to meet her debt repayment goals because she is a big fan of side hustling. She discussed what side hustling is for those who may not be aware and share some really funny stories about some of the wackier things she has done like working an overnight rave.

This episode originally appeared on October 24, 2014 at


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In this replay, we meet Tonya from Budget and the Beach. Tonya is a freelancing video editor who recently lost a very large client, and she talks about how she is working through this challenging time while staying positive.

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23-year old Claire, a listener who is now a team member at the Financial Gym, wanted to know more about investing for millennials.

This episode first aired on January 15, 2015 at


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My friends and I discuss our spending and saving challenges and what we are doing to flex our fiscal muscles.

Mrs. Frugalwoods still struggles with impulse spending. She’s hosting an ongoing Uber Frugal Month Challenge with over 9,900 participants to give her, and you, the tools needed to combat impulse spending.

Melanie will be challenging herself with a no-spend day.

Shannon suggests a “clear the pantry” challenge where you have to use whatever is in your fridge and freezer to create meals.

Tonya says she is not good at challenges in general and relies on self-discipline to achieve her goals. She took a quiz by Gretchen Ruben to help her understand her personality and why she responds to expectations the way she does.

Find new ways to challenge yourself to do and achieve more financially! Focus on mindset more than anything else if you want to make a serious change.

You can find links to the Uber Frugal Month Challenge, the compound savings calculator, and Gretchen Ruben’s quiz in the show notes at

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Holly and Greg paid off their debts by budgeting their money.

They discuss how a zero-sum budget helped them achieve their dreams, helped them quit their 9-5 jobs to pursue entrepreneurship, and how budgeting can work for you too!

For more about budgeting or Holly and Greg’s book, visit

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