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One of the hardest components financial fitness is making more money. I say all the time that physical fitness and financial fitness are similar in that you only need two things for success. To get physically fit, you need to work more and eat less. To get financially fit, you need to make more and spend less. It sounds easy, but if it was so easy, we’d have a bunch of skinny millionaires running around.

For many people, especially women, it’s tough to ask for more and earn more in our current jobs, but that’s actually your easiest path to making more money.

Allegra Brantly has coached dozens of women to ask for and get more money, and today she is sharing some of her secrets with us.


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I am always looking for ideas and topics to help my listeners live a better life one cocktail at a time and I would love to hear what’s important to you.

And until next time, Cheers!

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Bianca, founder of the blogsite Miss Mazuma, shares her journey from owning 3 homes to barely being able to rent an apartment on her own. Her rollercoaster experience in real estate is chock full of lessons to be learned and thankfully it has a happy ending. And now here’s Bianca.

My biggest takeaway is to remember that anything we do financially can be undone. With time and dedication, anyone can rise from the financial mistakes of their past just like Bianca.

If you’d like to learn more about Bianca or my company, the Financial Gym, visit the show notes at

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A number of listeners are currently - or formerly served - in the military, so today I’m talking to Ryan Ginaw, Founder of the Military Wallet, Ryan addresses some of my listener questions but also give us a great insight into managing your finances while also managing a military career. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Ryan’s story and I thank Dominique and Jen for inspiring me to record this episode.

My biggest takeaway is to always remember the men and women who make great sacrifices to give us security so that we are free to pursue our financial goals without fear of losing everything we love so dearly. Thank you Ryan and everyone else serving our country. I salute and toast you for your courage and bravery.

If you want to find the show notes as well as links to Ryan’s site, you can find them on my blog, Financially Blonde, at


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Frugal friends are all around. Not only will they bring you joy but they will also support your life goals.

However, some people are not meant to stay in your life for the long haul. If you are focused on living a financially healthier lifestyle and you lose financially unhealthy friends - don’t fret it. Stand your ground and offer alternatives. If they are truly your friend, they will come along side and support you.

Help the cause: Refer a friend to the Financial Gym by sending them to



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March is Women’s History Month, and I am featuring women who inspire and motivate me on the podcast. On this episode, I am talking to Cheryl Smircich. I’ve watched as Cheryl went from creating cakes for fun to starting her company, Cherrypie’s Custom Cakes, as a side hustle to leaving her full-time job to make custom cakes for a living – including making the cake for the grand opening of the first Financial Gym in New York City!

Most of us want change in our lives, but we’re not willing to put in the time and energy to do it. Cheryl’s story is a great reminder of just how much work you need to put in to accomplish something big. I am incredibly inspired by Cheryl, and I hope you are as well! Cheers!

For more information about Cheryl or the Martinis and Your Money Facebook Group, visit


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March is Women History Month. Today I'm talking to female entrepreneur and founder of DailyWorth, Amanda Steinberg.

We talk about how finance is often emotional for women, how to deal with your "Money Type", and her “roots and wings” philosophy about women and investing.

Links to find out your money type and Amanda's new book, visit

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I asked my listeners to post something they learned about money since listening to this show.

Today I share Happy Hour with Cadell, Jen and Tammi; listeners who posted their lessons in the Martinis and Your Money Facebook Group.

If you’d like to be part of the conversation in my Facebook Group, visit


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Shanah Bell found herself divorced, in debt, and was feeding her family on food stamps. She's been able to come out of that phase of her life, but living with Celiac Disease makes every day a challenge when you are single mom trying to feed your children.

Listen to her story of starting out with nothing after a divorce to becoming debt free, feeding a family of seven, and teaching others how to have adaptive nourishment when you have Celiac Disease.

Find information for Shanah’s website, Adaptive Nourishment, in the show notes at


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The last Friday of the month I host a Happy Hour where I gather great friends to drink cheap drinks with me and talk about money topics.

Today we’re talking about the most precious commodity we all have: Time. The ladies joined me for some drinks to share their thoughts on time and how they manage it best.

I think my biggest takeaway is to think about time as you think about your money. It’s precious and we need to manage it accordingly because it’s not infinite.

Come visit the Financial Gym. We are online at but also located at 226 5th Avenue in New York City

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Eva Baker is a 20-year old who started a business as a project when she was a teen. Her blog,, has grown into a powerful resource for teens who want to learn about personal finances and also about running a small business. In June 2017, Eva will host the second TeenPreneur Conference, a place for young people to learn about starting, building or running their own small business.
After talking with Eva over Mocktails, my biggest take-away was to not let age determine our goals in life. Young or old, we are all on unique journeys. When inspiration hits us, we need to pursue it with passion - no matter what stage of our lives we are in.

You can find more about Eva and her conference on my website,


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